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Win Streaks

    Growing up in China with parents who owned businesses in the USA was tough at first. His parents travelled all the time and he did not see them much unless he was taking the trips with them. As he grew older he was traveling to the states a lot and wanted to make a name for himself outside of the thriving business his parents owned. He spent some time in Vegas and realized that the Asian sports betting market was slow to adjust to the much sharper bettors in the USA.

    He soon set up a system where he was burying the opening numbers on the Asian markets based on the information in the states on overnight lines. He basically had a monopoly on the Asian betting markets and became the Asian Market Maker!!! As time went on he realized that this could not last forever so he started developing his own handicapping crew and they started a computer system that could predict the market moves.

    Over the next 20 years this system became one of the strongest betting predictors in the world. He noticed that he regularly matched up with the famed computer group and became their biggest competition. To this day the Chinaman owns the Asian markets as well as a major stake in the USA markets. If he is on a game it is for big money and commands major respect!!!

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