Kyle Wilson -  @KyleWilson_NFL

I began in this business at a young age when I was approached by a great friend of mine about using his expertise to wager on sports. I started by moving small amounts of money for him until we were both able to see just how profitable this business was. I ended up being sent to Las Vegas to move large sums of money for him and the rest of the crew. I was in Las Vegas until it ended up being a hassle for us to even get money down.  

After a short period of time it became difficult to get large sums of money down once you prove that you are an advantage player. Casinos put harsh limits on numerous players and I can’t even count the number of times that I walked up to place a wager at various casinos and the person would consult with their supervisor in which they would end up limiting me to $100-$500 and of course that was a waste of our time. Within my first month of being out in the desert I’ll never forget my first experience moving a line. I walked up and placed a wager on the San Diego Chargers +7.5 and hammered the ML as well and about 30 seconds after I placed the wager the line dropped to 7 and then to 6.5 after we placed another wager shortly after at 7. After that experience almost every game we bet moved in less than one minute after we bet it. After seeing our success and how much we influenced the lines I knew this was the business for me.

I now have the final decision on each and every move we fire from our various online accounts and connections. For years I have spent countless hours putting work into the world of gambling and it has paid off in a big way. I specialize in the NFL but have had tremendous success in every sport that I have bet. I not only handicap my own games but I also speak with some of the sharpest minds on the planet so that you receive nothing but pure GOLD! Now as my man Phillygodfather would say…… Get$$yo!!!

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