Nick Kayal -  @NickKayal

Nick Kayal has had a sports obsession since the age of 7 years old. From playing sports as a kid, to becoming a multi-media sports broadcasting professional, Nick just can't get enough. Nick was a sports talk radio host in Philadelphia from 2009-2015 before going National with SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio. The only thing Nick likes more than talking about sports is trying to position himself to be on the correct side of the "action." Nick went 47 out of 72 in college football last year, good for a clip of 65%. On Sundays, Nick was a respectable 23 of 40 in the NFL for a positive win rate of 58%.

Nick's tends to fade the public and find that live dog quite often, but isn't afraid of laying the points with the chalk. Nick remembers his father saying: "The favorite has to win twice. They have to win the game and cover the number." That's where Nick's affliction for underdogs and value picks began.

Nick is selective, only playing a handful of games each football weekend and wagers the same amount on each game. No point or rating systems with his selections. Nick believes in building a bankroll and never risking more than 10% on any such game. Self control and discipline is the biggest key of his.

Enjoy the 2016 football season and let's get that money!

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