Handicapper @TheGorillaLV

"The Gorilla" is renowned as one of the most up and coming and promising high rollers and sharp gamblers in the industry. He has made a living working in all facets of the business. The Gorilla has utilized both statistical algorithms along with consistent inside information using his many resources not only with the rest of the Animals but his connections throughout Las Vegas as a mover and bookmaker. He has managed six figure accounts at all the major Las Vegas sports books and most offshore books as well.

Among many others, The Gorilla has moved for the sharpest NBA bettor in history, who now works in an NBA front office. With access to such extraordinary information, the Gorilla was able to parlay that relationship into an association with countless other elite bettors across nearly all sports. A former statistics major at a prestigious university, the Gorilla is familiar with all of the nouveau metrics and there is nothing he has not seen and conquered in today's market.

Every wager The Gorilla makes is backed by incredibly strong information. Now you will be able to access The Gorilla's moves at thephillygodfather.com.

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