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    Who Is Frankie Diamonds?

    Frankie "Diamonds" was born and raised in South Philadelphia, and comes from a long lineage of bookmakers in a city that has bred more wiseguys than any other. It didn't take long for Frankie to break into the family business, and his introduction to gambling came by way of becoming a neighborhood numbers runner during a time when the daily "street number" generated as much profit for bookmakers as sports had. Eventually sports surpassed numbers and Frankie was already well versed in making book.

    With a reputation as the "Gentleman Gambler" and a bookmaker one could trust with their wagers, Frankie's operation was undoubtedly becoming the most reputable in the city, which opened the door to take the venture global. The decades that followed allowed for this to happen as the offshore sports betting market exploded and Frankie was right there in Central America and the Caribbean to grow his book.

    Taking wagers at that level for so many decades has afforded Frankie the opportunity to book action from the most respected and feared betting syndicates and wiseguys of all time. It's also given him a front row seat to see the many ways these winning bettors are able to manipulate the market, gather information before oddsmakers, and continue to beat them year after year. And within all those decades Frankie also saw the many ways casual bettors made it impossible for themselves to win.

    Finally, it's no secret Frankie "Diamonds" was one of the biggest "outs" for networks of professional movers like The Animals at And it's also no secret though now retired from bookmaking, Frankie now uses all his contacts, sources, and networks to find out those +EV betting opportunities that allow him to beat the bookmakers.

    Now you can get all of the newest Animal Frankie "Diamonds" strongest moves daily at

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