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Win Streaks

    I started in the business in 1986 when the Cat asked me to get a couple of bookmakers together to start betting hot games. I picked up two guys and started betting what I later found out to be BW's games. I could not believe the rate at which they were winning. There were Saturdays that we went 14-1. I ended up losing a few then gaining a few bookmakers over the next few years and finally built it into a network of 30 or so "outs" to move games. At this point I met the animals. I met them through the Cat and ended up becoming one of the main movers in an office of 30 movers. I also recruited The Philly Godfather to come work for me. We were burying bookmakers not only from our area but as far as Florida. Times were good. We realized that the operation was getting too big to keep in the states so we tried our first offshore venture in the Dominican Republic. It was a combination betting and booking operation that gave us access to all of the sharpest information in the world. During this time we kept our relationship with BW strong so we could get the best of the best. We also had an office in vegas where we had access to runners to get down there as well.

    With the invention of the internet information became a lot more accessible for the square players and the advantage became less than it was but I was always able to keep my connection to all of the "originators" in the business. My contacts to this day are still extremely extensive and it was only at the request of one of my oldest partners in the business that I have decided to share the information with the public.

    I am taking a lot of heat from my people over doing this but I assured them that it is worth it because The Philly Godfather is changing the industry for the better. With my service you will be getting a true look at what we know and on occasion we will share the information behind the picks. This is unlike anything you have been given so far.

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