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    Who Is @buryrightnumber?

    Known to his friends as @buryrightnumber, he started out working with "The Animals" who were a network of movers from the Philadelphia suburbs who offered their services to the most respected and feared sports bettors for decades. When winning sports bettors wanted to get down, it was a known fact "The Animals" were who they needed to know.

    In time @buryrightnumber put together the type of outs that allowed him to receive those winning wagers before anyone else and with the power to move the market anyway he pleased, @buryrightnumber quickly became an asset for the likes of "The Chinaman", "Zorba the Greek", "God", and "The Machine", just to name a few.

    Don't get it twisted, @buryrightnumber didn't handicap games, rather he received picks from the top sports bettors of all time.

    Now after serving his sentence and satisfying his parole, @buryrightnumber is at it again, using all of those contacts and sources of information to uncover the wagers that offer the greatest probability of cashing. Some may wonder why he would decide to share much of that information at PhillyGodfather.com, a valid question. The answer is simple, few friends stuck by @buryrightnumber when he needed them most, and PGF was one of those few. So if he can say "Thanks" by helping make the site the hottest spot for winning sports betting information, that's exactly what he's going to do.

    The same bets that @buryrightnumber is placing for many of the world's most respected bettors, and those he's placing for himself, will now be available through PhillyGodfather.com. If you want to know some of the strongest plays we're moving on, now you can.

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