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Professional Bettor -  @TigersBigBets

Win Streaks

    Who Is @TigersBigBets?

    De facto CEO/CFO and leader of all things “Animals”, including; algorithms, statistical analysis, game theory, player expectation, and handicapping. Former bookmaker, mathematical and statistical quant; considered the most consequential sports bettor on the planet. There’s not a single sports book that doesn’t value my opinion - every bet I make influences the market and moves the number within seconds.

    Nicknamed; “Big Bet Tiger” for my aggressive, cutthroat betting style. When I take a position, it’s not for tiddlywinks – known for finding games with brobdingnagian edge and capitalizing on oddsmaker errors by getting down massive FIVE, SIX, and even SEVEN figure wagers.

    What’s respect in the gambling world? Respect in the gambling world is when bookmakers knock on your door hat in hand asking for help. On a daily basis, the sharpest sports books in the world ask for my assistance in helping them shape their numbers before they ever hit the betting screen for public consumption. Simply put, I control the market coming and going.

    To think, in the early ‘90s Philly mobsters would tap my phones in the office, send their “soldiers” to rifle through my garbage and harass my family and friends just to find out what games I was moving on. Now, with the help of my brother, Philly Godfather we’re unleashing my BIG BETS to the masses. Syndicate groups and professional bettors pay millions of dollars annually for this type of information; the is providing it to you for a few ungulate burgers a day.

    It’s just us against the bookmakers, and they don’t have a chance…

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