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  • Blue Jays @ Red Sox by: @dickiesalvatori
    In the wake of a big trade involving Jake Peavy, Boston has seemingly become the center of the rumor universe. It’s unlikely that Toronto, coming off an important win on Sunday, will be too .....
  • What Byron Scott Means for the Lakers by: @dickiesalvatori
    While the NBA news has been shuffling in for weeks now, all had seemingly been quiet on the western front for quite some time. The Spurs, Thunder and Clippers have all stood firm in the wake of bi.....
  • NFL Preview: Minnesota Vikings by: @dickiesalvatori
    Happenings around the NFL in late July don't necessarily mean all that much given the timing. But, one of the hotter stories to develop over the weekend took place in Minnesota and does offer a gl.....
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  • MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE & JULY 2014 HOT STREAK 150-90 (62%) @harrymayes975
  • MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE & JULY 2014 HOT STREAK 190-112 (63%) @phillygodfather
  • MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE & JULY 2014 HOT STREAK 517-362 run (58.7%) @buryrightnumber
  • @PhillyRooster 57-58 -771 (8-3 Free Moves) 65-61 combined @phillyrooster
  • #NFAC, #RLcrew, & VR FREE Moves = 70-38 (65%) @vegasrunner
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