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  • Women's World Cup Sports Betting Preview: United State versus Germany by: @dickiesalvo
    The U.S. men's soccer team has fought valiantly but failed in years past when it comes to the highest level of competition. But the ladies seem to get it done time and time again and this World Cu.....
  • MLB Sports Betting Preview: 6.30.2015 by: @dickiesalvo
    Brewers @ Phillies These two played a high scoring one last night and they turn around Tuesday with Taylor Jugnmann going against Cole Hamels. The Brewer offense has been clicki.....
  • NBA Free Agency Preview by: @dickiesalvo
    The NBA free agency period is about to get under way and 2015 promises to be another critical year in the Association. By now, we are accustomed to LeBron James' various "decisions," and his optin.....
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