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  • NBA Preseason News and Notes by: @dickiesalvo
    NBA preseason doesn't necessarily mean much but hoops fans are glad to have it back. Preseason games have given the fans some entertaining highlights but there are some good takeaways to grab from.....
  • NL Wild Card Preview: Cubs @ Pirates by: @dickiesalvo
    The NL Wild Card game is set to go down tonight and it offers us one of the better pitching match-ups in MLB history. came out with an excellent article yesterday and it indicated th.....
  • The DraftKings/FanDuel Scandal and What it Means for the World of Gambling by: @dickiesalvo
    I really didn't want to do it. I have seen too many commercials and even the radio (yes, my tendencies are somewhat ancient) doesn't allow for an escape from the headaches which inevitably come. B.....
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