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  • MLB Sports Betting Preview: 7.29.2015 by: @dickiesalvo
    Tigers @ Rays The Tampa offense came alive yesterday and it had been long overdue when you look at their performance since the ASB. They got to David Price with a big HR in the fourth and.....
  • 2015 NFL Training Camp Preview: Houston Texans by: @dickiesalvo
    HBO's Hard Knocks heads to Texas to follow a team named after the state and they sure look to be an intriguing club. The AFC is a bit more open than people realize and teams like the Texans, Chief.....
  • MLB Trade Deadline Review by: @dickiesalvo
    The trade deadline is now well upon us in MLB and the fireworks are already going off. Two trades took place during Tuesday which were very important in the scope of the AL and they both tell an a.....
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