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  • CBB Sports Betting Preview: 12.1.2015 by: @dickiesalvo
    Richmond @ Florida Richmond showed a lot more offensively against Cal than many had imagined they ever possessed in their arsenal. Chris Mooney’s team is still only 4-2 with losses to .....
  • A Big Hire for the USC Trojans by: @dickiesalvo
    The world of collegiate athletics can be as slimy as it gets. For all the pundits who argue over college pay for players and other such things, the saddest part is that the education of many young.....
  • NBA Sports Betting Preview: 11.29.2015 by: @dickiesalvo
    Timberwolves @ Clippers LAC grabbed a much needed win on Friday against New Orleans but they must now turn around and deal with a T-Wolves team which owns the same record (8-8) and is on a thr.....
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